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Many home owners and interior designers struggle to find a single high-quality upholstery and furnishings supplier for their homes and projects. Victoria Gayle work with people who have very high standards across Kent, London, and Essex who are looking for beautiful pieces.

You will love our bespoke hand-made chairs, sofas, headboards and curtains to complete your project.

"Since discovering Victoria Gayle I’ve never looked back. Their professionalism and workmanship is the best I’ve ever known from any upholstery company."
Rina Patel Vastu Design
Rina Patel - Vastu Design
London Interior Design

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Bespoke upholstery and re-upholstery service

Carefully crafted

Curtains & Blinds

Custom made, hand-sewn curtains and blinds


Fine Furniture

See our range of custom fine furniture from chairs to sofa that you can customise.

Make it your own

Latest pieces from Victoria Gayle​

Victoria Gayle Interiors upholstered curved sofa
Victoria Gayle Interiors upholstered african fabric
Victoria Gayle Interiors upholstered flower and leaves fabric
Victoria Gayle Interiors upholstered bespoke curtains and upholstered blue chair

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Get beautiful pieces created especially for your home or project.

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Get a beautiful one-off piece created especially for your project.