The best cushion filling for any given purpose will depend on how and where it is to be used, its expected or required lifetime, and of course personal preference.

We use Luxury Class 1 down and feathers in our cushions and top quality fibre or foam. The best cushions are usually made as a composite of these materials with a fibre or foam centre and feather or fibre outer layer. This gives the ‘best of all worlds’ result, combining the benefits of softness, recovery, support, and shape.

Cushion filling options

  • Feather cushions: Soft and luxurious cushions, but need regular plumping
  • Fibre cushions: Resilient, durable and soft, will still need turning and plumping
  • Foam cushions: Wrapped in a layer of polyester wadding and stockinette, foam cushions give a more tailored look that retain their shape with less maintenance

We can offer expert advice about the best options to choose and we make and fill cushions in all styles, colours, fabrics and designs